Creative Technology

Code exists to use technology to make marketing work better.

That means more faster, cheaper and effectively.

We build platforms for brands and their agencies to;

Streamline their advertising, control their content, automate production, build engagement and harness data to continually improve performance.

We work in all media types. We work with brands, creative and media agencies.

We save people a lot of money.

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"I have to manage more marketing with less time and money. Help!"
It’s time to upgrade your marketing with adZU

It’s time to upgrade your marketing with adZU.

adZU is Code’s automated marketing platform.

Acclaimed by Gartner as Visionary, it allows our clients to automate the creation and distribution of hundreds of thousands of marketing campaigns.  Simple, fast and cost effective – only adZU offers automated end-to-end marketing implementation in digital, print, social, e-mail, in-store and CRM.

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Transform your business with mobile apps and responsive websites

Transform your business with mobile apps and responsive websites.

Code partners with brands to build technology for a mobile first world. We love mobile strategy, design and development…so brands come to us when they need a partner who can both define a mobile technology roadmap and execute on that vision.

We have experience in mobile apps, mobile websites, responsive websites and we also build the services that support them including web services, databases and content management systems.

It’s not really that much to ask, is it?

If I spend money with you, what do I get?

Our adZU platform manages the marketing process from budgeting to media buying to production to distribution to tracking. We map what our clients spend and what creative they run to the response and sales.

So we can tell them what’s working. But better than that, our systems respond in seconds to make the most of our clients’ budgets. adZU clients include Vauxhall, Nissan, Peugeot & AutoTrader to name but a few.

Several experience a 90%+ cost improvement.

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"I want to know which bits ofbr />my marketing are working!"
A list of Code's services

What can you do for my business?


We created the world’s first virtual advertising agency serving 6,500 clients. We built an operating system for a global media agency network connecting their clients and teams to real time big data. We saved an advertising holding company $millions every month through better cash management. We build mobile and social apps. We automated all the digital advertising for a half a dozen automotive brands. We build branded experiences in social media. We run the brand management apps for London 2012, McDonald’s…

We’ve made some big differences to big businesses.

We’ll help you define how technology can make your business better.

What is Creative Technology?

Creative Technology is changing the models of marketing and advertising, and as a result creating new ways for brands to engage with their audiences. It’s about using technology to allow marketers and advertisers to find new ways of working. And it’s about using technology as a creative and entrepreneurial force – to create new models and new business opportunities.

What is Creative Technology?

Only one agency made it into Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for Marketing Resource Management.

Find out why our adZU platform is in a club so exclusive that no-one else is allowed in.
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Manage marketing across all touchpoints.

Digital display ads, emails, direct messaging, outdoor and social.

Building hundreds of variants in seconds, it allows you to target your content to your chosen audience.

We integrate directly with ad networks and social networks, meaning you can control all your media from a single console. We work with media partners to connect audience and performance data to optimise your campaigns.

Our mobile studio will help to build native apps, hybrid apps and mobile web solutions.

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I need to manage marketing across all these touchpoints
Unorganised branding

How can you help me manage by brand?

We’ve built brand management platforms for:

McDonald’s, London 2012, Unilever, Macmillan Cancer Research,  and National Trust…

We help you build engagement and understanding with your stakeholders. We use technology to tell the brand story and to build communities and social networks around your brand. We manage and distribute your assets, provide tools for automated customisations in all media types, and automate your approval workflows.

The relationship between the brand and the retailer….

We work with loads of retailers, especially in automotive. We can build local press ads in a few seconds and traffic them to newspapers, for a fraction of your current costs. We do the same for Direct mail, POS, E-mail, banner ads and radio. We build hundreds of ads for retailers every week – all fully automated. Our systems manage the budgets and co-op spend, process media and give you real-time reports on everything.

We help brands provide strategic leadership to retailers, giving them tools and creative ideas to drive more traffic and sales. We build a community between the brand and its retailers – and make your retailer network into a social network.

We empower your local retailers to engage with their local customers using better marketing materials, whilst ensuring every communication is on brand.

"I am a retailer.  My deadlines are short and my budget is tight."
Helping Agencies win pitches

Helping Agencies win pitches

We often work with agencies to help them find new ways of solving client problems. Find out how our technology has created a pitch-winning difference for our partners.

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No (…and we’re only part geek). We have created a proprietary working model called ACT (Agile Creative Technology) built to deliver a simple goal – “Get it Right. First Time. On Time.” (it’s not just a slogan, we measure it every week).

Creative technology is about people. It allows people to do something they couldn’t do before, or know something new. We start with the people and how we want to change their lives. We then help you work out your business goals and last work out when you should stop spending to achieve (yes we try to get you to stop spending).

Oh and we make it look beautiful.
Do all of this and the projects go right.

How do I find you?

We are based in London and New York with development studios in Ukraine and Brazil.

Our model is to combine high touch Client Consultancy ‘on-shore’ with uber talented devs in lower cost centres. This gives us the right combination of skills, high service levels whilst keeping costs reasonable. We are not the cheapest and never want to be – but pretty much all our clients see a significant ROI within 6-9 months of working with us; and for many that ROI ends up being > 10:1.
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A new agency operating system

Legal and brand compliance up from 18% to 100%.

Vauxhall’s dealer network wasn’t maintaining brand or legal compliance when developing marketing materials. How could Vauxhall make deployment into new marketing channels simple and address significant brand compliance and legal issues?

Code implemented its leading marketing production automation platform – adZU.

This allowed Vauxhall to automate the creation of print ads, direct mail, email, radio and outdoor ads so that they were brand and legally compliant. We also enabled on-line media buying to maximize buying power while minimizing administration costs, automated approval and distribution workflows and integrated with GM financial systems to automate billing. All this provides Vauxhall with real-time management reporting to maximize effectiveness. Pretty awesome right?



hello, Magic Quadrant... Is anyone there?

Code Worldwide Positioned as Visionary in Leading Analyst Firm’s Magic Quadrant

London, New York, 15 February 2012 – Code Worldwide has been recognized as ‘Visionaries’ in Gartner’s ‘Magic Quadrant for Marketing Resource Management’ (MRM) issued on 30th January 2012 by Kimberly Collins. The report States that The MRM market continues to mature based on the definition that MRM is a set of processes and capabilities designed to enhance a company’s ability to orchestrate and optimize internal and external marketing resources.

For its Magic Quadrant, Gartner defines ‘Visionaries’ as those who ‘have a strong vision for applying technology to MRM-related issues, but have not yet mobilized resources or developed a robust business model for global expansion on a large scale. A Visionary vendor is a market thought leader and an innovator in one or more of the five competency areas of MRM. Visionaries will need to grow more to achieve sufficient scale in the MRM market, and to provide more-consistent execution, to become leaders.’

“We believe our position as ‘Visionaries’ confirms our mission and affirms our belief that technology is changing the marketing and advertising industries for the better,” said Matt McNeany, CEO of Code Worldwide. “We founded Code to help our clients be more efficient and effective through technology and we’ll continue to innovate and enhance our products to achieve this.”

Matt continued, “It’s clear that today you can’t talk about marketing without talking about technology. Clients and their agencies need partners who speak both ‘Brand’ and ‘Tech’ fluently and who believe in the creative and entrepreneurial opportunities that this new discipline is generating. We are delighted to be included in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for MRM, and most of all grateful to the clients who have believed in us and allowed us to help shape their businesses.”


Agencies Strike Back

The Agencies Strike Back

It seems the Agencies are fighting back – which is good to see.

Anything that helps build the Marketing Technology space (or Creative Technology, as we call it) is great news for the Advertising and Marketing industry.

It’s getting crowded

In terms of players who are now talking about the space between Brand, Tech and Data, the Adage article cites Deloitte launching Deloitte Digital, who will:

will handle strategy, creative, user experience, engineering and implementation services for marketers in digital channels.

Then on the Agency side, we’ve got Omnicom‘s well-established Annalect division, WPP‘s Fabric partnering with Infosys to create their BrandEdge platform and, in the case of Razorfish and the their ‘Fluent’ software suite, an Agency network extending out its own Tech capabilities.

So it’s all go, then.

Moving Creative Technology forward

Clearly each of these offerings (and indeed our own) will define the space and the Client problems they solve in different ways. But it’s fascinating to see the same themes and observations emerging.

It’s also great to see contrasting views on the best way to help Clients through this ongoing revolution.

Illustrating this contrast, the article contained two Agency quotes that really stood out – one I agree with, another I’m surprised at.

Firstly, the CEO of Fluent, Drew Kurth, said:

We’re an agency – we think like an agency and are able to communicate that perspective to the [Fluent] development team… Infosys or Accenture might not have that… When it comes to marketing it’s such a different animal than IT. At its core it’s a creative endeavor.

This is so true. The rhythm and approach of a software design business are undoubtedly different to those used by a Marketing Agency.

In fact, we talk a lot about ‘the speed of Marketing… with the rigour of IT’ and it’s a tough nut to crack. Creating a culture where software people really understand, love and respect the pace and nuances of the creative process is an ongoing challenge.

Certainly anyone who’s ever asked their dev. team to help price a vague brief in 45 minutes because the Client’s ‘going into a meeting at 2pm’ will know what I mean.

Clients are embracing licensing and IP

A second quote really raised my eyebrows as it strikes at the heart of what should be enticing ‘traditional’ Agencies into fully embrace Technology (i.e. platforms, not just Tech-powered campaigns).

SapientNitro‘s VP-content and collaboration, Dan Barnicle, is quoted as saying:

Our experience is that marketers don’t want to buy [software licenses]

Now that’s interesting. Obviously I respect their experience, but it certainly doesn’t match ours. In fact, Clients often recognise the commercial model before we raise it.

As Code’s CEO, Matt McNeany, said last week at the IPA’s Creative Pioneers Conference:

Clients are getting really good at this stuff.

Matt was making the point that Clients are now more advanced than many Agencies. They recognise the shift from campaigns to platforms and they think about spend in this space as infrastructure.

So our experience is that Clients fully understand that they are buying IP. And they get that this needs to be bought via licenses according to usage – be that by territory, by time, by function, whatever.

In fact, much of what Code delivers is on a licence basis. Which is why Agencies are so keen to understand how we help them make money from IP, and why we partner with them so well.

Making it up as we go along (in a good way)

It’s probably fair to say that all of the businesses mentioned here will have umpteen stories and observations that corroborate and contradict one another’s. Unpicking them is what makes it great fun to grab a drink with your peers to chew the fat.

And certainly while the pie is growing for everyone, helping define the rules of the game is yet another good reason to be in Creative Technology.

See you at the bar.


Power of video advertising

The whole world, in your hands

Do you know which half of your marketing is working?

For Peugeot, we help their dealers to plan their marketing spend by product, by channel and by campaign. Peugeot retail marketers have full visibility of proposed investment and can intervene to recommend more effective use of budget.

Sales effect can now be measured against investment to create virtuous learning circle, where dealers are able to do what works. For Acura, the dealers are presented with weekly reports of marketing effectiveness, giving them benchmarks of their business in comparison with the rest of the network and their potential market.


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